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    Bootloading using a UMTS/HSPA+ as a Host

      Hi guys,


      Im trying to implement a FOTA to program a PSoC4 using a Quectel UC20 as a Host. First I download the .cyacd file from an FTP server and store it in the UC20´s RAM memory and then sending the file through UART to the MCU in bootloader mode using the function Booloader_Start(). Now, im stuck. As far as im concerned, only by sending the correct data (.cyacd file parsed to hex) to the PSoC4, the bootloadable should be correctly installed, but reading the documentation i have noticed that the MCU answers to every command sent by my host, are these answers needed by the host to do a correct programming? Or are they only useful for a flow control when using another mcu as host? I have read about the Silicon ID and the format of the .cyacd file and it seems that what i´m trying to do is to bypass all of that. I´m a newbie in the microcontroller world so i´ll be happy for any of your guidance and to explain myself.