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    PSoC 5 vs. PSoC 1






      I'm improving a project containing a PSoC 1, switching to PSoC 5.


      The problem is that PSoC 1 has an instrumentation amplifier up to Three Opamp Topology, allowing dynamical changing of the gain (differential gain + conversion gain). This feature allow to make a fine gain control (< 1) and a big gain control (> 1) too.




      With PSoC 5 this feature is still not present. I have only Opamps and PGA that I could connect together to obtain the same configuration.


      The problem is the dynamically gain control of PGA. I can't get down gain = 1, so this is reduce the performance of my system because I can make a fine gain control.




      Is there a similar PSoC 1 component to use with PSoC 5 or alternatively do you have a solution?


      Best regards

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