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    PSOC Creator 4.0 Importing Components from CyComponentLibrary

      I've been looking at the forums and tried multiple examples Importing a CyComponentLibrary, to be able to add code which doesn't get removed each time by the default library when I build. And no, the available areas to add code are not on the places I need. So I need to overide the standard library component.


      I found a Cypress Tutorial video that shows how to import, but then I get many errors of double references. That video also shows that these components get added in a MyComponents in the Component catalog, which I assume is a tutorial from an old version of creator. As I only get Yellow errors in the added component in the Cypress Component catalog. 


      I then found an other tutorial that renames the imported component and updates all the namespaces in each of the component files. to avaoid double references. I did this, but 2 errors  I can't solve: 


      M0123: The type or namespace name 'ArrayEditor" does not exists in the namespace 'SystemComponentModel.Design' in cycdc,cs and cyaudio2_0.cs from the USBFS component.


      Can anyone help me how to properly import a component from the library. It should be something simple no? I understand why, but it's very annoying it updates automatically the components. There should be just an auto on/off setting on each component for advanced programming.