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    Quadrature decoder at PSoC 4

      Hello. Sorry for my english, I'm using a Google translator.


      I want to use the quadrature decoder module to connect the mechanical encoder to the PSoC 4 (CY8CKIT-049-4200). When I add the module and collect the project, I get a message "E2071: Unable to pack the design into 4 UDBs." See the Digital Placement section of the report file for details. "
      I watched in datashit that the component of the quadrature decoder (8 bits) takes 6 PLDs, if the filter is off, and 7 PLDs if the filter is turned on. By default, the filter is enabled. I turned off the filter, and was able to assemble the project. Why does not the default component allow me to build a project? Is there not enough macrocells in CY8CKIT-049-4200 4 for this?
      I do not want to put external capacitors, I need this filter. I tried to add 1 external filter such as "Glitch Filter", and the project again refused to assemble with the same wording of the problem.


      I was able to assemble the project by adding 2 elements such as "Debouncer". Will this element be used as a simple alternative to "Glitch Filter"?

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