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    char comparition on if Imagecraft



      I'm developing some UART communication with PSoC 1 and I'm getting this error:


      type error in argument 2 to `strstr'; found `pointer to __flash char' expected `pointer to char'


      Code is as simple as this:


      if (strstr(rx_buff,"OK") != NULL)


      Am I missing something? this "__flash" thing it's new to me on C.


      also apears when I try to compare some char on an IF.


      char test[3] = "OK"


      if ( test == "OK") ---> this lines gives again __flash error.


      Have been trying and reading texts but I don't get it, any documentation on __flash or an advice?


      Thank you in advance.

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          You are here on a von Neumann machine which has different instructions when accessing data in flash ("OK") and data in sram (rx_buff). For some library routines there were replacements which took that into account. They would be named cstrstr() or strcstr(), but I do not know whether they have been implemented for PSoC1.


          A good tip for you is really: get a CY8CKIT-043 and switch to a modern ARM CPU.





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            Thank you, Bob!! Yeah, I have been developing on PSoC 5LP (CY8CKIT-059) and when some partner asked me to develop on PSoC 1 it was a huge change, and yes, switching to a modern ARM CPU it's a great tip. Again, thank you for your answer and time.