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    emWIn, Problems with LISTWHEEL-SetSnapPosition command


      Dear All:


      I am trying to create a LISTWHEEL windows on a TFT display.


      My hardware is a CY8CKIT-050 development kit  and for the display I am using PSOC TFT Expansion Board from Mikroelectronika and, also I am using the emWin library.


      I want to create two ListWheels to setup the hour and minute of my system. The problem comes because the command LISTWHEEL_SetSnapPosition does not work properly when the two List Wheels (one for the hour and the other for minutes) are created, I mean, it works when only one ListWheel is created, but as soon as I create the second the command does not work for any of the two ListWheel, so it is difficult for the user to setup the hour and minute required.


      The source code is in .../Sources Files/Cross Platforms/entry.c. I leave a bundle of the project and you can see the source is very simple.


      Using the simulator of the emWin, it works properly but when I pass the same to the PSOC it does not work. I have been trying several things but I dont find which can be the problem. If you need any further information do not hesitate to ask for it.


      Please, any kind of help would be welcomed.


      Thanks in advance,