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    Scanning problem  on CYBLE-022001-00



      I'm having a very strange problem with scanning for advertising devices


      I modified the Observer project (Day 10 )for my hardware


      While I;m 100% certain that there are devices advertising, ( CySmart sees them  the CYBLE_EVT_GAPC_SCAN_PROGRESS_RESULT event never fires!


      And the strangest thing is  that it was working yesterday!.


      I was at a different location but other than that nothing is different. 


      Project is attached. It's just a sample from the 100 series - I only disabled the low power mode stuff and the UART


      Any ideas? I'm at my wit's end


      One thing that appears strange to me


      In the file BLE_eventHandler.c in the case CYBLE_EVT_GAPC_SCAN_PROGRESS_RESULT the code only executes when  CYBLE_CPS_CLIENT is defined. It is not defined for this project . Any details on that ?


      Thank you