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    RTC not running after programming

      I'm programming a CY8CKIT-010 using SWD and 5V from a miniProg3. The board has a 32.768 kHz xtal onboard.


      After programming, the RTC is no longer running, but no changes were made to clock settings, etc. This happened intermittently with different boards, usually only while the programmer was plugged in, but now the clock doesn't appear to run on some boards while it does on others.


      All boards are running the same program. I occasionally had external power on the board simultaneously with the programmer's supplied 5V.


      I suspected the 32khz xtal signal and verified it with an osilloscope. The boards that are consistently not working appear to have a more rounded clock signal, but I haven't compared side by side to verify.


      All this makes me think I did some damage to the board.


      Any suggestions?