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      I'm looking at the BLE v3.30 component DS and the stack event 


      CYBLE_EVT_HIDSS_REPORT_CHAR_WRITE   HIDS Server - Write Report characteristic request. The
      parameter of this event is a structure of CYBLE_HIDSS_REPORT_VALUE_T type.


      The event itself is listed in the API, but the return type CYBLE_HIDSS_REPORT_VALUE_T, is not (undeclared identifier), and this is the only information is what I've c/p'd.  


      My question is, is it even active/used?  I'm assuming it would be generated on the server-side when the client calls CyBle_HidscSetCharacteristicValue, in order to let the server know when data has been written/changed by the client.  If that were the case, I'd have use for it, if anyone could tell me how to make that happen, by defining the return type, or activating the event.