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    CY8CKIT-044 problem with updating firmware




      I've been trying to upgrade firmware of my CY8CKIT-044 from 2.12 to 2.18


      but somehow I have not been able to do it.


      I'm using




      PSoC Creator v4.0 Update 1


      Bridge Control Panel version


      PSoC Programmer


      on Windows 7 Professional (64bit) with 8.00GB RAM




      What I've been trying  is to follow the PSoC 101 Video Tutorial 10. I2C Receive  with CY8CKIT-044.


      Previously I had no problem with CY8CKIT-042.


      This time, after building/downloading the PSoC program,


      I tried to connect it from Bridge Control Panel version


      and got following error message


      To update your firmware please close Bridge Control Panel and open PSoC Programmer.
      Navigate to the Utilities tab and click upgrade firmware.


      Failed on Close port!


      So I closed the Bridge Control Panel and opened PSoC Programmer


      It says 


      "KitProg version Expecting 2.18, but found 2.12."


      This programmer is currently out of date.


      To update the firmware please navigate to the
      Utilities Tab and press the Update Firmware


      So I selected "Utilities" Tab and pushed "Upgrade Firmware" button.


      KitProg Version 2.12




      The good news is that the process completed and green "PASS" is displayed.


      The bad news is that the firmware version is still 2.12.




       Would someone teach me how I can update the firmware of CY8CKIT-044 from 2.12 to 2.18? 




      Best Regards,




      Motoo Tanaka