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    Developing on Eclipse?



      I'm both new here and in programming, so please bear with my clueless questions. To be short:


      Is there any way to utilitize cypress' PDL on Eclipse, instead of referred Keil and IAR in manual?




      I am not living on MCU programming, so when I tried to complete some projects, I really appreciate your free IDEs, i.e. Designer and Creator. Lots of APIs and examples, they did make my projects completed easily without manipulating too much registries nor paying any additional cent in order to make the most out of these PSoC-s.


      Now I'm considering putting these little chips into my designs (I'm a mechanical engineer) with more computing power than Cortex M3, e.g. PSoC 6 or FM4, without devoting to much capital into commercial IDE-s in early stage.


      However, after a short time of surfing, I have an impression that many of non-cypress Cortex MCUs can make use of Eclipse with their own library, for example STM's SPL, but cypress' documents ( example: "FM4 Peripheral Driver Library User Guide" http://www.cypress.com/file/230756/download ) suggest only Keil and IAR. Considering they both are priced over 4000 dollars (!!), it is not practical to initiate a new product design with so much money have to be invested, for a non-electric-related-small-business. Trial period? No..7 or 30 days are not going to be enough.


      So..are cortex M4(F)s ( including PSoC 6 and FM4 or above ) going to be supported in future Creator? Or is there any plan to make Eclipse an available IDE for them? Or I am just have to dig more into "how to use PDL" or something alike? I have to decide which chip I should going after..for a MCU newbie.


      Any hints or thoughts will be appreciated.




      PS. an off-topic small question: are PSoC1-s going to be deprecated? I don't see much model vitality comparing to cortex series PSoC-s.

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          Yes, you can definitely export the PSoC project to Eclipse and continue working with Eclipse. In Creator, this option is available under "Project -> Export to IDE -> Eclipse". For FM MCUs, we do not have a template for Eclipse.

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            Thanks for reply, BMAH.

            Too bad, looks like I have to wait your efforts on IDE(s), like Creator, if I want to develop painlessly with your Cortex M4s or above.


            Wish you can bring FMx into the Creator along with PSoC 6 ASAP. The specs of FM4 is too temptating..mmm...

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              Hi Nekosp,


              you can definitely use PDL with Eclipse - I'm using it with PDL version 2.1 and really like it.


              Now some annoyances:


              -  makefiles in examples directory - those are not written hierarchically and every makefile includes all required definitions for compilation. Therefore if I want to change processor for particular examples and compile it to do the testing I have to start with makefile modifications. 


              - installer runs under windows - I don't know why there is an installer at all, because it could be a simple archive to unpack. I develop with PDL under linux.


              - licence of PDL is completely inapropriate for OSS projects ( as I understood redistribution of firmware created of PDL is permitted only in binary form). This can be the reason why nobody is so really interested to integrate PDL in form like templates for eclipse.


              The biggest PITA in PDL  is the licence. I discovered Cypress PSoCs and MCUs several months ago and see it as wonderful products with PSOC Creator available for free as mindblowing, but the PDL licence makes it hard to use Cypress official peripheral library in any OSS product. Knowing that IoT is dominated by OpenSource solutions this is astonishing...