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    CSD Tuning through MiniProg3: not working

      Hi everyone!


      I'm trying to use the MiniProg3 for CSD Tuning. I have found two posts on this, but none helped.




      I'm using the 014008 PSoC BLE.


      When using the EvalBoard on the Pioneer Kit, and going to CSD Tuning from PSoC Creator, everything works as planned.




      Now if using the MiniProg3 on the EvalBoard, I can program the PSoC through PSoC Programmer, but I can't get CSD Tuning to work.


      The CapSense Tuner App will find the MiniProg, open the bridge correctly, but when trying to retrieve data, it will get a very stable "there was a problem reading data from the device" error.


      The project within the PSoC is the simplest possible: just one CapSense and EZI2C, CapSense scanning within the loop. It's directly following the Application Notes. Debug is not using SWD but GPIO in order CSD Tuner not to be troubled by Debug.


      I have tried many settings on the EZI2C (frequency, address, addressing method), different voltage, used the 5p and 10p connectors, used other EvalBoard, tried on a custom PCB (so outside the EvalBoard), used the Bridge Control Panel to ensure I2C was correctly configured ... still blocked.


      Edit: could it be the fact the EZI2C block cannot "reach" the P0_6 and P0_7 Debug pins of the 014008 used by the MiniProg?




      Any idea?

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          Hi Phil,




          The issue could be that the I2C lines are not connected to the miniprog3.


          I suggest you to route the pins on one of the  connectors on the kit and then connecting them to Miniprog3 through wires.




          Try this and let me know the results.







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            Hi Ranjith,


            sorry I did not post an update.


            You are right: CSD Tuning will need an I2C communication, which can go through the MiniProg3 SWD lines.


            But this I2C cannot use the Debug Pins of the 014008 (even if de-activating debug by SWD).


            So other GPIOs have to be used for this I2C, and these GPIOs have then to be connected to the MiniProg3 SWD lines.


            My goal was to re-use the existing Debug Pins already connected to the MiniProg3 for programming. So I could spare GPIOs, and use the Debug Pins for programming or CSD Tuning. No luck.


            Thanks for your help.