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        [applicable to SDK-2.x onwards]


        Information about the MAC address of the Wi-Fi device is here <WICED-SDK>/generated_mac_address.txt file.


        This file is auto-generated upon building a target.





        * The MAC address of the Wi-Fi device may be configured in one of several places :                               


        * 1. WLAN OTP   : The MAC address may be factory programmed into read-only OTP inside the Wi-Fi chip.            




        *                 directly into the application (which may be common to many devices).                           




        *      or         To force the WLAN chip to use the MAC addressed stored in the DCT, simply define               


        *    Custom       a global variable in your application makefile as shown below.                                 


        *                 In <WICED-SDK>/App/my_app/my_app.mk add the following global define :                          


        *                    GLOBAL_DEFINES := MAC_ADDRESS_SET_BY_HOST                                                      




        *                 To force the WLAN chip to use a custom MAC address (instead of the MAC address                 


        *                 in the DCT), simply redefine the host_platform_get_mac_address() function located in the file: 


        *                 <WICED-SDK>/Wiced/Platform/common/<MCU_ARCHITECTURE>/<MCU_PN>/<MCU_PN>_platform.c              





        To read the mac address, use the API call : wiced_wifi_get_mac_addr().


        This is actually a lower-layer WWD (WICED Wi-Fi Driver) API, but is also available to customers.


        (We will expose this API in the high layer WICED API in a future version of the SDK)
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            Does it work with BCM4390 and SDK 1.3.1 ? 

            I have problem with BCM4390 and have some of compilation error


          Error console :

          build/demo_appliance-BCM94390WCD2/libraries/WWD_for_SoC_4390_ThreadX.a(wwd_management.o): In function `wwd_management_wifi_on':

          Region SRAM_128k_1 overflowed as requested from .text_128k_area1 into .text_128k_area2 - current size 130672, size limit 131072, tried to add 616 bytes

          C:\Users\damosys\Documents\WICED\WICED-SDK-3.1.1\Wiced-SDK/WICED/WWD/internal/wwd_management.c:155: undefined reference to `host_platform_get_mac_address'

          tools/makefiles/wiced_elf.mk:215: recipe for target 'build/demo_appliance-BCM94390WCD2/binary/demo_appliance-BCM94390WCD2.elf' failed

          make.exe[1]: *** [build/demo_appliance-BCM94390WCD2/binary/demo_appliance-BCM94390WCD2.elf] Error 1


          // I put the thread as below

          Please refer   GLOBAL_DEFINES += MAC_ADDRESS_SET_BY_HOST make problem at BCM4390WCD2 

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            If you do it with WiConnect; it is a single line...


            get wl m


            (as in get wlan mac)



            here is a screen shot from my console