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    4200L Series RS-485 Bootloader - UART component V2.50


      I'm using a CY8C4246AZI-L423 for a project with RS-485 communication (PSoC <-> SN65HVD22D). Realised with UART component V2.5. In normal operation mode everything works fine.




      Yesterday I tried to get the firmware update function over RS-485 running.


      Step1: This picture shows the normal RS-485 communication includung tx-enable handshake.


      Step2: This picture shows the initial bootloader communication between PC an PSoC. PSoc don't handle the tx-enable handshake any more. A firmware update isn't possible.


      Now I added some glue logic between the PSoC an the RS-485 transceiver to emulate the tx-enable handshake. I just wanna test if the firmware download runs basically with the UART component V2.5. After I tried to download some firmware - see step3.


      Step3: This picture shows the communiacion between PC an PSoC with emulated tx-enable handshake (glue logic). Updating the PSoC fimware is no problem.




      Is is possible that the UART component is buggy or do I something wrong? It's curious that in normal operation the tx-enable is served and in bootloader mode not.


      Can anybody help me?