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    Is it possible for CYBL10463(128KROM,16K RAM) to resolve address(ios device)

      I think the whlte list and direct advertising is useless for ios device using resolvable random address. So I just want to know is it possible for CYBL10463 to resolve the address when connected and decide if it should terminate connection when the central is not in bondlist.


      As I know , the cybl10463 can not use BLE4.2 that support privacy security.

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          Yes, directed advertisement and whitelist might not be the right choice to restrict connections to a few mobile phonesespecially if you are using a 4.1 device with Security 1.1 because most phones use Resolvable Random Address, 


          As you might know, in a 4.2 device with Security 1.2, the address resolution takes place in the controller, so you can use a whitelist to restrict connection to a specific set of centrals.


          Now, a workaround for 4.1 devices is to use the bdHandle once the device is connected. The bdHandle is a constant for a central with which the peripheral has bonded. For the 1st bonded device, the bdHandle will be 4, for the 2nd device, it will be 3 and so on for the other two bonded devices. So you can do the following in your application:


          - Connect with the central/phone for the first time.


          - Complete pairing and bonding.


          - Now, during reconnection, check the bdHandle in the CYBLE_EVT_GATT_CONNECT_IND. If it matches the old bdHandle, then allow connection.


          - If the bdHandle is new and does not correspond to the bonded device, then disconnect.

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