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    missing driver for BLE Dongle in CY5672 RDK

      I've been using a CY5677 BLE Dongle with my project based on a CY8C4248 PSoC 4 device and I just purchased a CY5672 RDK (http://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy5672-proctm-ble-remote-control-reference-design-kit-guide) which comes with a very similar BLE Dongle and I can't get CySmart1.2 to recognize the new dongle.


      Looking in Windows Device Manager with the dongle plugged in I see several devices that aren't present when the dongle is removed:


      1 USBUART  - No driver loaded


      2 HID-compliant consumer control devices with a standard Windows driver


      2 HID-compliant devices with a standard Windows driver


      2 USB Input Devices with a standard Windows driver


      I searched the Cypress website for a driver and came up empty.  I did find a few threads in the forums about similar issues but some had links to files that no longer exist or simply didn't include any viable answers.


      What do I have to do to get CySmart to recognize the dongle that comes with the CY5672 RDK?