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    How to WAKEUP BLE module from sleep/deepsleep if no HW connection.


      Hi All,


      I am using CYBLE 012011-00 module in my system.


      basic function of the module is whatever received from PC based application to put it to UART.


      I am facing issue in implementation of low power modes idea for my system is when PC will want to connect/send data to it, module should wakeup from sleep/deepsleep.


      problem is i don't have any HW pins to wakeup the module and don't know can connection request from PC can wakeup the module.


      i am using low power mode code from UART-BLE Peripheral example


      but the problem is before connection to PC it is going to sleep i even tried putting delay but after connection module is getting disconnected and put into deepsleep and never wakesup.


      attaching settings please suggest any changes need to do?