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    Welcome & Forum Usage Notes

      Welcome to the WICED Forum!


      We hope you find this forum a useful resource for WICED and the


      WICED Development System. The forum is intended to provide WICED


      developers with a common site to ask questions, search for answers


      and browse useful reference material for WICED. The forum is


      moderated by members of the Broadcom WICED development and


      FAE teams in various locations around the world. The following text


      provides a quick usage guide for the forum.



      Search First


      Before posting a new question to the forum, please use the search


      feature. The answer to your question may be already waiting for you!



      Where to Post


      The forum is divided into a number of categories. Please choose


      the most suitable category for your new topic, and please post


      your topic in one section ONLY. Duplicate postings will be closed


      and may be deleted. Posting your own topic is preferred, please


      avoid hijacking someone else