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    UAC Composite Device



      I am trying to use UVC and UAC composite device in CX3. The UAC device in Windows 10 report error whereas UVC device got driver installed. If I make it as standalone UAC device, it works fine (device driver got installed).




      Can you give me descriptor file for UVC and UAC composite device for either high speed or super speed?

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          Please check if you have added Interface association descriptors. If done, and still you see the problem, please share your firmware.

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            Hi Nishant,


            I have added IAD. I am sharing the firmware source. Please note that, I was using High Speed Descriptors. Other descriptors were as it as were the original example.


            In the high speed descriptors, the order of appearance of devices is UVC then UAC. When we connect it to a Windows machine (I used windows 10), the UVC will get driver installed whereas UAC will show with yellow exclamation mark noting error code 10. It showed "The I/O device is configured incorrectly or the configuration parameters to the driver are incorrect." as the error string.


            I noticed that if you swap the order of the devices in the descriptors ie first UAC and then UVC , then UAC device got the driver installed . Surprisingly, this time UVC got the problem of error code 10.


            Please share if you have a working example of composite device in which UAC and UVC are there.

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              Please find the attached UVC + UAC example project. When this project is loaded onto FX3, it will enumerate with both UVC and UAC interfaces on a High-Speed port, as the descriptors are implemented only for High-Speed.  


              The UAC request handling is not done in this project. You can refer to the 'cyfxuac' example project in FX3 SDK 


              [C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\uac_examples] for handling UAC requests in the firmware.

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                Thanks for the firmware.


                When I compiled and ran it with CX3, I could see one UVC device and one UAC device. However, for the UAC device, I need both speaker and microphone. This is what my original problem is. The firmware I attached in the top has UAC+UVC, in which UAC has both speaker and MIC. That gave me error for UAC. Please share me the firmware which has UVC + UAC where in which UAC has both speaker and MIC.


                The MIC shall be stereo 16kHZ and speaker to be mono 44.1 kHZ.

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                  I have same question