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    TX+ and TX- Voltage Level(CYUSB3014-BZXI)



      Is there any way to raise the voltage level of TX +, TX- of USB3.0? 

      I want to raise LEVEL using hardware and software. 

      The current LEVEL is 0.25V and the LEVEL you want to raise is 0.3V. 



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          CyU3PUsbSetTxSwing API sets the Tx amplitude used by FX3 on the USB 3.0 interface. Please use this API with caution. The device
          has only been tested to work properly under the default swing setting of 0.9V (swing value set to 90). This API is
          expected to be called before calling the CyU3PConnectState() API to enable USB connections. (swing TX Amplitude swing in 10 mV units. Should be less than 1.28V)