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    Bootloader launch with arguments to tell it to load specific app or wait



      I'd like to know if there a way for one of my apps (in a PSoC 5LP Dual-App Bootloader configuration) to call something like CySoftwareReset(enum AppNum) where AppNum = { BOOTLOADER, APP1, APP2 }.  I see that CySoftwareReset() doesn't take such any argument, but it would be great if it did. Is playing with the metadata the only way to tell the CY Bootloader to boot a specific app or just wait for commands from the comm link?  Can I somehow use the RESET_SR0 GPIO[0,1] bits to do so before calling CySoftwareReset()? I couldn't find any doc describing how to do that, just that the Bootloadable app uses those to communicate with the Bootloader across a reset, and that these bits were off-limits to users. If that's true, they're not very General Purpose if you ask me, and they should be labeled BOOT[0,1].