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    HID + beacon detection joined operation




      Is it possible for BLE v4.2 to function as HID device while at the same time acting as Observer that continuously scans for advertising packets such as that from a Beacon? The scenario is that the BLE is connected to the PC sending HID packets. When it detects a certain beacon, it would trigger an event (ie. turning an LED on).


      Here's my idea so far:


      1. As HID Device, BLE acts as GAP Peripheral and GATT Server. As Observer, BLE acts as Central for it to scan for peer devices (ie. Beacons). Or, is it possible to scan for peers while configured as GAP Peripheral?


      2. BLE would be configured with Custom Profile w/ GAP Role: Central and Peripheral for it to cater HID Device and Beacon detection function. Thus, it would contain the HID Service and probably a custom service.


      If it's possible, how do I handled the APIs, GATTs, etc? Any suggestions on how to begin?