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    Understanding messages from bootloader when bootloading using an embedded host




      I am using Particle Photon as an embedded host to bootload CYBLE 012011 module. I took the files in folder UART Bootloader Host from AN68272 and modified them. Now my project folder contains the following files


      1. communication_api.cpp 
      2. communication_api.h
      3. cybtldr_api.h
      4. cybtldr_api.cpp
      5. cybtldr_parse.h
      6. cybtldr_parse.cpp
      7. cybtldr_utils.h
      8. cybtldr_command.h
      9. cybtldr_command.cpp
      10. OTA.cpp  - Particle Photon program.


      I changed the .c extension to .cpp, replacedPSoC UART code in communication_api.cpp with Particle UART code. 


      Connections between BLE and Particle Photon:

      BLE pinsParticle Photon 

      Data on the Serial:


      After keeping the BLE in bootloader mode, I am calling the API BootloadStringImage(myImageFromCYACDFile, lineCount); to update the firmware. I printed the data going in and out on the UART channel and this is what I get. 

      In HEX:
       Data going to BLE module(TX): 1 38 0 0 C7 FF 17
       This matches the packed data from the API CyBtldr_CreateEnterBootloaderCmd(...).


       Data from BLE module(RX): 1 4 0 0 FB FF 17
       I am not sure what this is. The expected byteCnt is 15 but it's only receiving 7 bytes and it waits forever due to the while(byteCnt > 0) loop. 
       Sometimes I only get 1 byte and sometimes I get 7 bytes before it starts to wait forever. Seems like a timing issue. Here is my modified communication_api.c file.


      #include "communication_api.h"


      //Serial1 is UART and Serial is USB COM for debugging
      int OpenConnection(void)
          Serial1.begin(115200);       //initializes the UART on baud 115200
          return CYRET_SUCCESS; 


      int CloseConnection(void)
          return CYRET_SUCCESS;


      int WriteData(uint8_t* wrData, int byteCnt)
          uint16_t timeOut =1;


          /* Clears TX and RX FIFOs and the status registers */


          /* Send the data */
          Serial1.write((uint8_t*)wrData, byteCnt);
          Serial.print("Sending :  ");
          for(int a=0; a<byteCnt; a++){
              Serial.print(wrData[a], HEX);
          Serial1.flush();  //waits for the transmission to complete
          Serial.println("Write complete->");




      int ReadData(uint8_t* rdData, int byteCnt)
          uint16_t timeOut =1;
          uint8_t dataIndexCntr = 0;


          /* Wait till there is data available  */


          /* Read the data bytes */
          Serial.print("Received data: ");
          while (byteCnt > 0)
              if(Serial1.available() > 0){
                  Serial.print(rdData[dataIndexCntr], HEX);
                  Serial.print(", ");




      Console output from Serial:


      Sending: 1,38,0,0,C7,FF,17 
      Received data: 1,4,0,0,FB,FF,17

      The program gets stuck in the received data loop as the byteCnt is greater than 0. What's wrong with my ReadData()?

      Thank you

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          Some thoughts looking at the output:
          1. The err code from BootloadStringImage(myImageFromCYACDFile, lineCount) is 4.
          2. The error code matches CYRET_ERR_DATA. 
          3. I have compared the output with the expected response in CyBtldr_ParseEnterBootLoaderCmdResult(...) API. 


              cmdBuf[0] is 1 which is CMD_START
              cmdBuf[2] should be RESULT_DATA_SIZE which is 8 but it's 0
              cmdBuf[3] should match RESULT_DATA_SIZE >> 8 but it's 0
              cmdBuf[RESULT_SIZE - 1] should match CMD_STOP but I am missing the 15th byte.

          My cmdBuf[2] is 0 which means data bytes are 0 so my return message will be 15 - 8 = 7 bytes long which is what I get!. Also my 7th byte is the expected 15th byte which is CMD_STOP. 

          Now why is the RESULT_DATA_SIZE field zero ?