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    an87216: No driver after configuration (Win10)



      I'm trying to make the an87216 example work.


      I can connect the 2 PCBs and program the FX3. They reconnect. After that they don't show up in the Control Center any more. Windows tells me, they have no driver.


      What driver do I need and how can I install it?




      With the AN65974 Slave Fifo, I have no such problem. Is there a difference betweem the two slave FIFOs?




      Thank you


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          The VID and PID are used to identify the device and bind the appropriate driver automatically after one installation. The VID/PID in these firmware are not listed in the .inf of the driver. Please use some other PID to check. You can test by changeling the descriptor file with the following. 


          In Automaster project cyfxbulklpdscr.c, you can change the Product ID in the CyFxUSB30DeviceDscr and CyFxUSB20DeviceDscr as 0x00F0 (i.e 0xF0,0x00,).




          In Autoslave project cyfxbulklpdscr.c, you can change the Product ID in the CyFxUSB30DeviceDscr and CyFxUSB20DeviceDscr as 0x00F1 (i.e 0xF1,0x00,)