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    AN75779 Device not replying with ERDY. Communication stuck.



      I'm implementing a uvc 1.0 application with FX3 device. The code is based on AN75779, running on Windows 10, with DMA callback implementation, Bulk Endpoint:


      Packet size: 1024


      DMA Buffer size: 34800 (34*1024 - 16 bytes) 




      The Problem:


      At a certain point the stream is stopped because the deviced assets a NRDY which is never cleared by a ERDY. Under this conditions the device is stuck (streraming freezes) but not crashed (just trying to recover the streaming with a third party uvc streamer it gets back to streaming). I think that the DMA has been corrupted for some reason, and this puts the GPIF in a  bad state. 


      Please find here the screenshot of a protocol analyzer log