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    Code works well with BLEs except CYBLE-022001-00



      I have a project that works well with PSoC 4 BLE, PRoC BLE and CYBLE-012011-EVAL mounted on CY8CKIT-042 baseboard. However, when I uploaded the code in CYBLE-022001-00, it did not. The "build" and "compile" of the project were ok, no errors. The BLE even advertises and can be connected to. But, it stops there and seems like it cannot process the string sent to it via UART.


      I have experienced having almost the same project that works for all above mentioned BLEs by just changing the target device thru "Device Selector". The difference this time is in the schematic where I have just added Rx Interrupt in processing the strings and a Timer Counter.


      What could be causing this "not-working-code" problem?