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      • 1. Re: How do I include & use the DHCP server?
        There are several ways to use the DHCP server.



        Most ppl use the server indirectly when bringing up a softAP interface using the wiced_network_up() API.


        The <SDK>/Apps/snip/apsta application brings a softAP network interface up and starts a DHCP server as part of the network up call:


           wiced_network_up(WICED_AP_INTERFACE, WICED_USE_INTERNAL_DHCP_SERVER, &ap_ip_settings);




        If you want to directly call the server, then, just like other libraries you need to add the server to your application.mk makefile:



        $(NAME)_COMPONENTS += daemons/dhcp_server



        Then, in your application, you can call server functions directly:





        The library starts giving out IP addresses using the current interface IP address + 1 and netmask.