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    SPI Glitch when going to deepsleep

      Hey i'm on the CYBLE-224110-00 with SPI pins set to


      MISO = P2.1


      MOSI = P3.1


      SCLK = P3.4


      SS_BLK = P3.5


      And I attach a pic of my pin cofiguration of SS_BLK and SCLK.


      So what happens is that I put the device to deepsleep and I see a ~180 uSec glitch (starts at Vdd, down to Vss, back to Vdd) whenever I wake up from a timer wake up interrupt. I see this glitch on P3.4 and P3.5 but not P2.1 or P3.1. I don't know if the glitch is occurring on other pins, I have not sampled the other pins yet. ( I tried to manually write(1) to the SS_BLK and SCLK pins right before I sleep but it didn't help solve the glitch. 


      Anyone have an idea what the hell I'm seeing?


      I have a work around right now by putting the device to sleep instead of deepsleep. This seems to solve the glitch I'm seeing.


      Sleep code: