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    Which available ports on the -044 kit can be used for an Hitachi Standard LCD display


      I'm on a quest to replicate the "Hello PSoC" PSoC1 project with the PSoC4 - CY8CKIT 044 kit.


      IMO, the biggest problem is finding seven pins of a single port available somewhere on the headers so that the LCD_Char component can be used.  


      I've used the schematics and pin-maps to assist and found that the -042 kit has P0_0 thru P0_7 available across the J2, J3, and J4 headers and have successfully displayed the message on the LCD scavenged from a Cy3210 PSoC 1 kit.  I believe that the full set of ports 1 and 2 are also available on the headers.


      When I do the same mapping for the -044 kit, I only find that port 2 has 6 consecutive pins available on the headers. 


      I'd would appreciate a confirmation of this from another -044 user.  I've attached my pin-map spread sheet.  The pin maps and schematic are, of course, available in the kit guide.


      As a total aside -- I'm a bit flummoxed by the distribution of consecutive PSoC port pins across multiple headers in order to have arduino compatibility.  I'm not an arduino user (my first experience with microcontrollers was the 68HC11, my second was PSoC 1).  Is this capability really that important?


      Thanks for any assistance.