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    SPI port configuration for SFLASH on other than SPI2

      [WICED-SDK-2.2.1, MCU: STM32F205]



      From what I see in code, the Broadcom External Flash talks over SPI2 and we are using SPI1 for our CGI External Flash.



      When I look at SDK/Apps/waf/bootloader/bootloader.c and try to mimic the function of platform_restore_factory_app() but change the SPI port to our external flash (SPI 1) I see init_sflash and sflash_read.



      init_sflash then calls sflash_platform_init with the requested SPI port. At that point the requested SPI port is ignored and the SFLASH (SPI 2) is always used. There is no way to change the spi port to our external flash.



      Furthermore when you follow the sflash_read path, even if you were to manually update the SPI port to our SPI1, you eventually get to a call sflash_platform_send_recv_byte which then ignores the requested SPI port and uses the sflash spi, SPI 2.



      There is no way for me to use these functions and supply a different SPI port. Can this be changed so that we can input the SPI we need? Is there some other function I am supposed to use to talk to SPI1?