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    problems in psoc1

      hi guy
      when programing psoc chip like cy8c29466, and power it , there are a period to initialize it , it's about 150 millisecond , right ?
      after this time,the generated signals inside psoc started to works .
      okay,but at this period (150 ms ) what are the states of my pins ? it's low ,high, high Z , ...?
      I need to know the state of it in this time (150 ms ) , i adjust it in PSoC Designer Device Editor , but it's same as i adjusted during this period ?


      are there an application note explain the state of the pins during this period.
      Question 2:Can I control the output of a analog pin  and adjust it to what value for a period of time like i need to adjust a pin to 2.5 volt or 0 volt for a 20 second and then make this pins takes a value of a user models inside the chip ?
      ( i have a sine signal generated in side psoc on pin p0.1 but i want this output equals 0 for a 20 second, and after this period it's transferred to the sine wave signal output ?