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    Changing the frequency of WCO in the clock section of .cydwr




      I have a project that says in the "Clocks" section of the Design Wide Resources that my WCO is 32.000 kHz. However, I know that it is 32.768 kHz (I'm using CYBLE-014008-00). I don't know how it got changed, but the only way that I've been able to change it back to 32768 was by overwriting the XML code of the .cydwr file.




              <Data key="desired_freq" value="32" />
              <Data key="desired_unit" value="3" />




              <Data key="desired_freq" value="32768" />
              <Data key="desired_unit" value="0" /> 


      Is this method allowed? Will I break something by doing so?




      Thank you,