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    USB-IF Certification Fail Item


      Hi Sir,


      We got fail items on USB Link Layer Test (TD7.9/11/23/26), please help to check, thanks.

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          Let us know which examiner/explorer(LeCroy OR ellisys) you are using for the test?and also the version and build number of the USB compliance suite.




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            If you are using  LeCroy Voyager M3i™ Protocol Analyzer/Exerciser with latest USB Compliance Suite to perform the test, this test may fail.


            To pass the test, you have to do changes in the settings of the Compliance Suite.


            Please select the “Use Legacy Timers” checkbox on the main settings tab.


            Refer the embedded image for the changes.

            Also attached the test report of these tests.


            You can see the following note in the release notes of the compliance suite

            USB Compliance Suite v3.32 Build 615 (August 9, 2017)


            Note on Link Tests: New HP_Timers Support (Needed for Re-timers compatibility) is used by default for tests TD 7.09, 7.11, 7.14, 7.15, 7.23, 7.26, 7.30, 7.34 (and possibly others).  If these tests fail, please select the “Use Legacy Timers” checkbox on the main settings tab.  This will be allowed until the use of these new timers is mandated by the USBIF.