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    CY4531 2 Lane DIsplay + USB 3.0




      We followed the Display-port and USB demo as in the Setup guide of CY4531 EVM as below.


      1. (Display port demo)


      Mac Mini (thunderbolt -->DP) to CY4531 DP IN (EVM)


      Monitor to CY4531 (USB Type C to DP).


      The above example setup works perfectly fine.




      2. (USB demo)


      Tested the USB demo in which the flash drive was connected to Type-C of the evm using the adapter board. The USB 3.0 of the CY4531 EVM was connected to the laptop. Even this worked fine.






      I am using CY4531 EVM for evaluating our CX3 based setup.


      We need display (2LANE) signal from display source to my PD mux in our setup. This PD mux has a display. And at the same time, the CX3 setup has to enumerate on the PC USB3.0 (CX3 is also connected to this PD mux). 
      I'm able to see the CX3 board (i.e USB3.0) but im not able to see anything on the display.




      What I infer is, Display alone (4lane) works and CX3 alone (USB3.0) enumerates fine. I have a problem when i want both. i.e. USB3.0+2LanePD


      Do I have to configure the evm to work for USB3.0+2Lane DP ? Please guide me through the procedure.