Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux

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Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers-archive/wifi-bt-linux-archive       Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hi, I have been trying to connect phone on the i.MX8QM development board with Bluetooth module Cypress CYW4356. My phone is connected to the board a... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
We are using imx6ul custom board with kernel version 5.4 here are the logs compat: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.[ 48.112816] Loading modul... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hi, I'm using BCM4354 wifi module in our product. For FCC compliance testing I need to put the module in continuous transmission in the following mode... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Dear Cypress team,We are using a Murata Wifi HW module with the BCM43455 (https://www.cypress.com/file/298786/download). We have experienced a lot of ... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hello Everyone,   We are using BCM43455 with imx7d on our board. our development is in Android 9.0. The Bluetooth and wifi for our board is working al... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
I have been using iwd for wifi connections on  my RPis (Zero/3/4). These all use the brcmfmac/cyfmac 43430/45455 chip. They work reasonably well in st... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hello, We're currently using the BCMDHD driver with an Allwinner A50 BSP with Android 8.1 oreo and Kernel 4.9. We are moving to the CYW43455 with Azur... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hello, As channels 12 & 13 seem to be disabled, I assume wifi chipset is configured for US. How can I change the country under Linux? I add country=FR... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hello, Is there an upper limit to the number of characters in sae_password when making a WPA3 (SAE) connection using hostapd or wpa_supplicant?WPA2 sa... Show More