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Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux

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I have seen numerous posts on this "community" forum that are locked by moderators saying, for example, "The CYW89359 is a device targeted towards the Automotive space, and as such is not supported here on the WICED community, which is designed to support broad market devices only." 

Well, if the moderators lock these discussions, then this is not much of a "community" forum. If threads are locked, then discussion is shut down and other developers are unable to post replies that might actually be helpful and answer the asked questions. Referring technical questions and developers to sales and factory support is rarely all that helpful, let alone immediate, compared to actual "community" support.

Can we at least leave threads unlocked so that replies to these questions are possible? Or should we all just move to stackoverflow to ask our questions?

Thanks in advance,


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Unfortunately, we have alot of products in our arsenal that are designed for very specific markets and customers (most semiconductor companies like ours do). Allowing discussions here on the community about these limited engagement devices would cause quite a bit of confusion within our broad market user base as it would set a series of expectations that we cannot support.

I am familiar with your company and will ask the Cypress Automotive FAE calling on you to reach out and describe the support channel for automotive.