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Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux


Dear Cypress Infineon Linux Community,

In the Q2 2020 Software Release you may have noticed the device firmware for the 88x family has been removed.  These parts are automotive industrial parts added into the commercial Linux software releases circa 2018 to provide an interim solution for the lack of a 2x2 MIMO industrial commercial portfolio offering.  Effective Q1 2020 the 4373 (4373E industrial version coming soon) and 54591 commercial parts are now available and the 88x products for commercial designs have been transitioned to NRND (Not Recommended for New Designs).  As such, the Q2 2020 software release for Linux removed 88x devices.  Customers are encouraged to leverage the 4373 or 54591 for future commercial designs.  Customers with existing (commercial) investment in the 88x product families may rest easy as these parts REMAIN UNDER PRODUCT MAINTENANCE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE SUPPORTED with bug fix firmware + driver releases (including any critical CVE remediation) on a case by case basis.  The Q3 A-Class Technical Brief will be posted at the end of September and will contain additional information information about this and other device life cycle changes planned for the upcoming year.

To use this this firmware, simply drop these firmware files into your fmac's "firmware" folder.  The latest fmac driver code has not removed support for the CYW88x devices, so a simple copy/paste will get you up and running with the latest driver and these binaries.

There have been no changes to this firmware since the q1 2020 release​.  No changes to this firmware are currently planned.  This posting is aimed to provide software continuity for customers ​with in-flight designs on 88x families.

This posting will be updated in the future with future software/firmware assets that are moved into the MAINTENANCE state.  Customers are encouraged to read the Commercial Software Lifecycle chapter in the Connectivity Solutions for Linux and Android Technical Brief for more information about the Software Lifecycle.

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