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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo

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Dear Sir,

I have a question for the sequence of scan.

When I try to scan AP, the name of AP listed is different every time at the same location.

1. Is it possible to list them up for name order or RSSI?

2. Is there any option to decide the sequence of the list?

3. Could you let me know how can the list sequence be decided ?

Please, review below and let me know the way if there is.

Thank you in advance.

1st Scan

00:12:17:71:36:9C -73  cel#202

00:08:9F:16:38:ED -40  celizion#sw3

04:9F:06:90:A9:FD -60  INSU.KIM

00:40:5A:B3:4C:18 -82

00:12:47:F3:62:47 -73  powergps

00:15:70:C4:C5:90 -90  kpic0810

00:23:AA:12:02:66 -55  HW_TEST_2G

80:1F:02:C6:11:E0 -82  1042016

00:08:9F:B1:8D:18 -78  Chunma ENG(Civil)

00:26:66:B5:1D:4C -72  Beijing

00:14:CD:30:45:FF -75  WeVO_AP

00:1F:1F:16:F7:38 -69  anygate

64:E5:99:2E:65:C2 -78  sn

00:26:66:86:38:5C -82  iloveasset(HQ)

00:26:66:21:20:6C -85  chunma

08:10:76:98:C7:1A -61  netis 2G

2nd Scan

00:12:17:71:36:9C -80  cel#202

00:08:9F:16:38:ED -57  celizion#sw3

04:9F:06:90:A9:FD -62  INSU.KIM

00:12:47:F3:62:47 -72  powergps

00:15:70:C4:C5:90 -86  kpic0810

80:1F:02:C6:11:E0 -84  1042016

00:23:AA:12:02:66 -53  HW_TEST_2G

00:08:9F:79:A0:70 -80  daroom

00:26:66:31:B4:A0 -79  iptime

00:08:9F:B1:8D:18 -81  Chunma ENG(Civil)

00:40:5A:C8:B6:E0 -83

00:26:66:B5:1D:4C -75  Beijing

00:14:CD:30:45:FF -77  WeVO_AP

64:E5:99:2E:65:C2 -84  sn

00:1F:1F:16:F7:38 -74  anygate

08:10:76:98:C7:1A -60  netis 2G

1 Reply

The list cannot be guaranteed to be the same because it is based on when the access points send out their beacons, while your WiFi chip scans for them.  You need to search through the list for the best RSSI that matches your relevant SSID.