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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo

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We are using the ISM43341 product from Inventek as pin compatible upgrade from the ISM43362. How ever the platform files do not contain the same information regarding external GPIO, I2C and PWM outputs that we have been using in the past. I have updated the ISM43362 platform files to include additional definitions for the ADC pins and second I2C interfaces. I have attached these files. These definitions should be included in the new ISM43341 platform files.

Can you please provide an update to the files for the ISM43341 platform, When I requested this from Inventek they informed me that they are waiting for this information from Broadcom.....


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Platform files are application specific and they will be different for each application. Even the same EVB (BCM943341WCD1 or others) could be used for two different application and for the same hardware the platform files could be different.

Platform files could be copied and/or renamed for each application like MyCorp_App1_BCM943341. When the new version of WICED SDK is released, the specific platform files would not be overwritten. Platform files may need an update if the released SDK updates the APIs used in the platform definitions.

Modules specific to Inventek they should provide schematics and sample platform files. The sample platform files are again application specific.