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If you're interested in learning more about how the cloud is proliferating through the world of IoT, make sure you attend the upcoming webinar Accelerating IoT Product Development: Best Practices for Connecting Devices and  Mobile Apps with an IoT Cloud

Date: Tuesday, June 17 at 2:00PM EDT.

This webinar reviews the most important considerations around the cloud component for IoT product development, and how best to connect devices, cloud and apps.

Register here:

The first 50 people who register and attend the webinar will be entered for a chance to win one of 5 free Ayla Design Kits!


Key Take-aways:

  • Learn the key considerations in an overall plan for an IoT development project
  • Compare and contrast approaches to adding networking to IoT devices
  • Understand differences between IoT cloud architectures
  • Compare LAN-only vs. cloud-connected only
  • Outline the requirements for robust security implementations
  • Learn how to implement data intelligence in IoT - collecting, warehousing, analyzing and using data
  • Understand how to facilitate mobile app development and provide a great customer experience
  • Plan for the requirements of operational support and scale for IoT devices in the field
  • Learn how to build agility into connected devices and innovate into the future
  • Be able to analyze whether to implement in-house vs. partnering with an IoT cloud provider
  • Understand and be able to evaluate IoT cloud pricing models

Register here:

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Ayla Networks is a leading IoT cloud platform provider, software running end-to-end to accelerate the development, support, and ongoing enhancements of IoT products:  hardware, devices connected to mobile apps via the cloud.  Ayla's solution uniquely adds agility into connected products - the ability to quickly and cost effectively make changes to the IoT product, so customers can innovate iteratively.  The Ayla software runs across devices, cloud, and apps to create secure connectivity, data analytics, and feature-rich customer experiences.  As a result, customers who use Ayla cut their development times and cost in half.

Visit their Partner Portal here:

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