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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo

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ZentriOS SDK

Special Offer only for WICED Community Developers from Zentri

We are excited to make it easy for WICED community members to try the ZentriOS and the ZentriOS SDK with a deeply discounted developer kit. This kit is normally valued at $160 USD, but is being offered at $79 USD for a limited time for qualified WICED community members only!

The quickest way to build a secure, Wi-Fi connected product for developers who have been using WICED is the ZentriOS Software Development Kit. Zentri (formerly ACKme Networks and the maker of the popular WiConnect embedded software stack super quick & secure Wi-Fi connectivity has re-branded it to ZentriOS.

The SDK, which was launched recently, allows developers to focus on writing embedded ‘apps’ in standard C code, while security, file system, safe bootload sequence etc., are managed by the ZentriOS. In addition, the code that the developer writes is signed and encrypted against individual products thus protecting your intellectual property from being copied and redistributed.

The Developer Kit contains:

  • Moray 106 (AMW106-E03)
  • Piranha Programmer and Debugger (ATG002)
  • Monitor Accessory Board (ASG001)

Buy Now at our special community member portal;



Black Left Board (Piranha Programmer), Yellow Left Board (Moray 106 Development/Eval Board), Black Right Board mounted on Moray 106 (Monitor accessory board - I2C LED display, Flash, Temp, Humidity, Accelerometer/Gyro)

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