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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo

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Hi I have a Laird Sterling EWB board wich have a STM32F412 with the CYW4343w. I need to use the quad SPI to interface with two flash in dual flash. I tested everything in STM32Cube IDE with a nucleo. Now I need to do it in Wiced ... One of the problems is that the STM32F4xx_hal_qspi seem to be old and different. The STM32L4xx_hal_qspi is completely different and is way more close to the newest version in STM32Cube.  I wanted to use the exemple of the libraries folder (libraries/drivers/stm32_hal_peripherals/qspi), but this exemple need the L4 hal_qspi driver. 

- Is there any way to upgrade the STM32F4xx_hal_qspi, how ? 

- How can I find support to do this,  Can I simply replace the file by the newest version ?

Thank you !

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Theoretically, you can change the file. But I can see the naming conventions of the APIs are changed in the STM32L4xx compared to F4xx which might lead to problems with the WICED upper layers if you add the newer file for F4. 

If any of the WICED layers are associated (dependent) with the old naming conventions then you have to manually change all the layers (APIs) to work with the new ones. If not associated, you can change the file.