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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo

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So, Im attempting to use wiced_wifi_set_tx_power() function, but It seems that do not change TX power.

My test procedure is as below.

1. execute wiced_wifi_set_tx_power(dbm) function --> ( 0 < dbm < 31 )

2. when execute function, WICED Module return right value that I did set.

3. But If I check my APs station list, Its RSSI value is not change according to setting dbm value.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what Im doing wrong?

Relevant details:

RTOS : ThreadX

Net Stack : NetX_Duo

Processor: STM32F205

Wi-Fi Chip : BCM43362

SDK version : WICED-SDK-2.3.1
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You do realize that RSSI is the Received Signal Strength Indicator, right? It has nothing whatsoever to do with your TX power.
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Dear dciliske

Thank you for your comment.

But, If WICED module is connected to AP, I think that RSSI of AP is changed when TX power of WICED module is changed.

Is it wrong?
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What TX power level are you trying to set to?  The 43362 power detector linearity is only from ~10-20dBm.  However as you know the WICED platform is not capable of outputting 20dBm.  Also the RSSI reading on the AP is a ball park number and takes bigger changes in recieve power to move the reading, i.e. the AP is not going to really change if you are only moving TX power by 1dBm.  There can also be other factors that effect the RSSI not just pure tx power.  Try moving the WICED platform further from your AP just to be sure that the AP is correctly reporting RSSI.