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Is anybody can help us passing the WiFi Adaptivity Test defined in ETSI EN 301 893 V1.9.1? I would like to know how to proceed the adaptivity test by BCM943341WCD1 EVB with SDK 4.0.1 MFG-Test APP. Which wl commands are required for adaptivity test?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.



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We have been working on this for 4 weeks or more.  Have runtime code almost passing but the BCM43340/1 has a cal tone that sometimes appears in the testing and the regulatory agencies are uncomfortable accepting our explanation of the cal tone as a legal non-LBT signal in the band.  Cypress has not identified a way to disable the tone or at least slow down its appearance so the odds of it appearing during the 60 second period is greatly reduced.  We are trying the mfg code now and we know how to disable the cal tone but we are stuck on how to generate traffic to run the test.  There is an iperf_start command but we cannot get it to work.  The packet engine does not do CCA so it cannot detect the signal to defer.  Cannot find a ping command either.  Now working on plan C which is to try to get the regulatory guys to accept that the cal tone may appear during the test and but it is not a LBT signal so its okay.

Hoping my response gets someone who has gotten iperf_start to work.  Have you?

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Hi egeiger,

Thanks for your response. Are you Cypress support team member? We are suffering in how to generating traffic during adaptive test. The mfg_test APP is used to prove the function of WiFi controller so this APP cannot behave like an IP host we guess. We also tried pkteng_start command to send a predefined background traffic, but it returns failed when the target board joins a WiFi network. The error message is posted below.

wl.exe --serial 6 pkteng_start f4:f2:6d:35:1f:2e tx sync 10000 64 1000 6c:ad:f8:a6:a9:8b

set_info_fe: remote cdc header return error code (-1)


        start packet engine tx usage: wl pkteng_start <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx> <tx|txwithack> [(async)|sync] [ipg] [len] [nframes] [src]

        start packet engine rx usage: wl pkteng_start <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx> <rx|rxwithack> [(async)|sync] [rxframes] [rxtimeout]

        sync: synchronous mode

        ipg: inter packet gap in us

        len: packet length

        nframes: number of frames; 0 indicates continuous tx test

        src: source mac address

        rxframes: number of receive frames (sync mode only)

        rxtimeout: maximum timout in msec (sync mode only)

We hope Cypress can guide us how to config the BCM43340/1 by wl commands step by step in order to get CE certification. Actually the new WiFi Adaptivity Test is the only failure item so we look forward the solution for more than 3 months. Have anybody passed the CE certification by any version of WiCED SDK?