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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo

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I understand CYW43907 is perhaps not quite designed to act as a "network gateway" for another MCU/MPU and I am keen to explore this Use Case. I am essentially looking to share the WiFi network from the CYW43907 to an external system, pretty much as a NAT gateway. Can this be achieved either via USB ECM acting as a WiFi dongle essentially, ethernet RMII (direct MAC to MAC without a PHY) or as a SDIO slave? I am excluding UART here with something like SLIP as I am looking for >= 10Mbps speeds.

I did find a past thread alluding that this functionality was under consideration, but I'd like to understand if this is something that is being worked on and is/will be available?

Alternatively, does Cypress have any other Wireless MCUs (not standalone radio only) that can support this Use Case at present?



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We do not have example on CYW43907 as network gateway. However, it is possible to bring up ethernet and wifi interface simultaneously and you can explore if this could help in developing a network gateway. Please refer to this discussion Re: Any example that test WiFi and Ethernet running simultaneously on CYW954907 ?  where there are references to network interface in CYW43907.

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