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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo

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We are currently developing our design using 1DX Murata module based on CYW4343W chipset. But later we are planning to use 1FX module based on CYW43364 chipset. Both 1FX & 1DX are drop in replacement while 1DX gives additional feature of Bluetooth which are no connect lines for 1FX.

Are both the modules software compatible? We are currently trying with NXP iMx Series Parts which are using WICED drivers.

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If your code didn't use the Bluetooth features of 1FX (CYW43364) or you never initiate anything about Bluetooth, I think the software is compatible and you can downgrade to 1DX easily.

You can have a try. And if you could be more specific of which part (code/tools/commands/etc) to be compatible, I could take a look at it and may give you more results.


Best Regards

C. L.


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