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WICED Studio Wi-Fi Combo

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Hi Guys,

Please advise what Flash File System (readable/writable) to use on External Flash connected to MCU HOST with WICED image.

I would like to use Flash File System to store server web content (and change it), new firmware images etc.

This is not for personal use but for a Commercial device. Flash will be of NOR type. RTOS: FreeRTOS or ThreadX (WICED).

I understand that WICED has a read-only file system.

Thanks in advance.


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WICED have to types of file systems:

- A read only resouce file system. This is optional and user can pick to put resouce in an external file system (in external flash) or embedded as part of the application (for performance issues).

- Multi application file system. This is a limited read write file system. The term limited is in sense of number of files. This multi application file system holds certain binary blobs. These include your running applicatoin, your factory reset application and a read only resource file system (if resource are set to be in external flash). The files can be erased, read and written. Another limitation with this file system is that files never get smaller, only same size or bigger.

so the simple answer is to put your resources in the read only file system, and use the Multi application file system to update your resources file system whenever required.

The other option is to adopt a fully read / write flash system, (WICED doesn't support this) however this may consume quite some size of your internal and external flash.