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WICED Studio Bluetooth

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When a CYW20719 device is running, we frequently get this event:

in the app_management_callback() function.

And the p_power_mgmt_notification->status is a value of 2.

If I'm reading the documentation correctly, this status is WICED_POWER_STATE_SNIFF

Two questions:

  1. What causes it to go into this mode?
  2. How can we prevent it, if we think it might be causing connectivity problems?

There is a similar discussion on the community:

and a suggested solution.  But to the final question in the thread:

    Yes,it works
     but every few seconds it enter  WICED_POWER_STATE_SNIFF again.
     how to keep in WICED_POWER_STATE_ACTIVE?

No answer is given.

Any answer given would be appreciated.

1 Solution

Hi GrCa_1363456​,

I tested the default bt.spp demo app in WICED SDK 6.2.1, device goes in sniff mode once connected as it is a power save mode. But again enters the active mode after transmission starts and does not enter sniff mode again. You can find more details on low power sniff and active mode in Bluetooth spec or articles available online.

To answer your queries:

1. Sniff mode is a power saving mode, device automatically enters in it after some time.

2. There are no connectivity issues because of this.

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