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I'm currently tring to design my first Bluetooth application in WICED Studio with a CYBT-343026-EVAL board.

I've found a document called "Getting started with Wiced Bluetooth". The following aspects are stated in one of the paragraphs of this same document:


The BT Designer feature of the WICED BT SDK IDE helps software developers generate the Bluetooth

Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) databases and initial code for Bluetooth WICED applications.

The BT Designer is initiated by clicking File > New > WICED Bluetooth Designer in the WICED Studio IDE.

Complete information about this tool can be found in the file ‘Developing Custom Applications with BT

Designer’ under the doc folder of WICED Studio.


However, after downloading the last version of WICED Studio, I can't seem to find either the 'WICED Bluetooth Designer' feature nor the 'Developing Custom Applications with BT Designer' file anywhere in the SDK.

Could you please tell me how to get access to them?

If you could provide me with any other information regarding how to get started with the development of a bluetooth application in WICED Studio, I would be much appreciated.

Here's the link to the page where I found the mentioned document:

Getting started with BLE in WICED Studio

I also attatch two captures that show the feature and the file are not where this document states.

Thank you in advance.

1 Solution

I was told the feature was removed from WICED studio 6, but will be added back in 6.1.

According to another forum post, 6.1 will be released soon.

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