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WICED Studio Bluetooth

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Excuse me

Is the vendor specific code shown in the examples already in low power mode? or the vendor specific code example is not in low power mode?

I am using CYBT-213043-MESH

I want to know how I can configure this code so that it is in the maximum low energy mode

I want the CYBT-213043-MESH to use the vendor specific code with a very low power consumption so that the battery it uses can last a long time

1 Solution

Hi i jama_4535901,

I believe you are asking about mesh application.

Please enable mesh LOW_POWER_NODE in the application if you want to lower the power consumption. Please make sure this feature is suitable for your application scenario. You need a friend node as well inorder to make it work, as mentioned in the mesh spec.

Please refer mesh demo examples. low_power_led, sensor_temperature, etc are already configured for low power node (by default it is not in LPN state).

GitHub - cypresssemiconductorco/mtb-examples-CYBT-213043-MESH-btsdk-mesh-demo: Mesh Demo Examples

Please refer mesh spec for more details of low power node.

#if defined(LOW_POWER_NODE) && (LOW_POWER_NODE == 1)

    .features           = WICED_BT_MESH_CORE_FEATURE_BIT_LOW_POWER, // A bit field indicating the device features. In Low Power mode no Relay, no Proxy and no Friend

    .friend_cfg         =                                           // Empty Configuration of the Friend Feature


        .receive_window = 0,                                        // Receive Window value in milliseconds supported by the Friend node.

        .cache_buf_len  = 0,                                        // Length of the buffer for the cache

        .max_lpn_num    = 0                                         // Max number of Low Power Nodes with established friendship. Must be > 0 if Friend feature is supported.


    .low_power          =                                           // Configuration of the Low Power Feature


        .rssi_factor           = 2,                                 // contribution of the RSSI measured by the Friend node used in Friend Offer Delay calculations.

        .receive_window_factor = 2,                                 // contribution of the supported Receive Window used in Friend Offer Delay calculations.

        .min_cache_size_log    = 3,                                 // minimum number of messages that the Friend node can store in its Friend Cache.

        .receive_delay         = 100,                               // Receive delay in 1 ms units to be requested by the Low Power node.

        .poll_timeout          = 200                                // Poll timeout in 100ms units to be requested by the Low Power node.





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